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* Coming Soon

1400 miles

Coming Soon!

The Southern Jog route is stated to be finished in 2024. We're sorry for this inconvenience, but the Northern Loop, Central Stretch and Eastern Sprint routes are now active.

Set a steady pace for your journey across the southern part of our vast state. You'll experience small towns with big histories, fascinating nature and diverse agriculture. Y'all have fun on your virtual travels!

HoW TO TraveL

Set a physical activity goal

What type of activity best fits into your schedule? You can choose one or many and your team leader will help you convert them to miles later.

Keep track of activity

Record the activity type and minutes spent exercising. Or wear a pedometer to record your daily steps.

Report your achievements

Teachers and team leaders will collect activity and convert your activity to miles. They may even ask you to do the math using our steps to miles ratio: 2400 to 1.

Work as a team

Your miles will be combined with your entire team, this way you can log more miles and travel faster together along the route.

Explore on your own

Bookmark and return to this page as unlocked locations are revealed. Feel free to visit unlocked marker pages with your parents and teammates.

Learn more with your team

Your teachers or team leader will have more lessons and interesting information about each marker to share with you on your learning journey. Lesson plans, activities and videos are available to all team leaders.