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Southern Jog



The 100th Meridian

Cozad, Nebraska; Dawson County

The 100th Meridian is a line is often called where the midwest begins. It is a longitude that is 100 degrees west of Greenwich, England. 

The 100th Meridian was also a milestone for the transcontinental railroad. When the Union Pacific construction reached this point there was a celebration. A passenger train brought 250 notable people to this spot in1866 to celebrate. Guests included railroad officials, congressmen, and newspapermen.

The 100th Meridian isn’t just a major milestone in train history.  In 1879 Explorer and geologist, Major John Wesley Powell, realized its geographic importance. Here on the 100th Meridian, the humid East meets the arid West. Green farms in the eastern part of the country turn into grasslands in the Midwest. These then turn into deserts and mountains to the west.








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