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Walk 2 Unlock Nebraska has made some upgrades!


For Parents and Participants

Where is all this information coming from?

Local experts. We went straight to the professionals to get detailed information about the different aspects of our state that we’re featuring along the Walk to Unlock Nebraska virtual routes. We’re grateful for our partners and their contributions – the curriculum they’ve allowed us to use caters to many learning styles and it’s also been reviewed by Nebraska Department of Education curriculum specialists.

Am I allowed to unlock markers to sneak a peek at the content?

Of course. All of the marker locations, and internal curriculum, is accessible to anyone by using the “unlock all” toggle in the map of your team’s progress page. However, we’ve kept the route locked as the default to build anticipation and add competitive motivation for your team.

Am I seeing all the information?

Probably. There are some supporting materials and teaching resources that are only visible to team and/or league managers who are logged in. This extra curriculum content is visible on each internal marker page, if applicable.

Why are the markers on the map not always geographically accurate?

We tried our best. The routes were drawn and coded on the site before all specific markers were available, plus we attempted to follow real-life roads when drawing the routes. If a marker ended up not being on that exact road, it may be a little geographically inaccurate on the interactive map. However, on each marker page, we have included the latitude and longitude and a Google Maps widget to show users the exact geographic location.

Can I filter the map so I can view just one category of markers?

Yes! Use the map key on the bottom left to filter the map’s results. Just click on the small icons to turn them on and off. If one icon is already off, that means that the route does not include that type of location.

What if my question isn’t addressed here?

No problem. We have a more in-depth tutorial section that details how to use this site. If that still doesn’t answer your question, please contact us!

League Details

Can I invite managers who already have a team or league?

You can now manage teams in multiple leagues from a single account! If you receive an invitation to a different league, be sure to log into your existing account before accepting (clicking) on the invitation link or email. If you are logged in already, you will be asked to simple create a new team, and that team will be assigned to the additional league in your manager dashboard.

You can join as many other league by invitation as you like, and you can create more leagues too. If you are a manager that needs to be moved into a different league, please submit a request with league and manager’s name you wish to join.

If I am in an existing league, can I invite others to join it?

Now you can! You must be the league manager (LM) to invite others to the league. But you will be able to see all the teams and managers in your league. You can always hit the email icon next to your league manager’s name to send a quick email request with people you’d like to see invited.

I am not finding what I need. Who should I contact?

If you are part of a league, start by contacting your league manager. That is the person with a “LM” next to their name in the league table on the dashboard. If they are unresponsive or you are the league manager, you can use the contact form and send us your inquiries. We will try to respond within two business days.

Who is allowed to delete teams?

Only the direct team manager and league manager are allowed to remove or edit teams. The Walk to Unlock Nebraska administration team will never remove teams without a specific request from the league manager. Contact your league manager if you think there is a team in your league that should be removed.

What if I signed up by mistake and need to be put into a different league?

You should  have received an invitation link or email from the league manager of the league you wish to join. Clicking these links will automatically put you into the appropriate league.

However, if you signed-up individually by mistake, please submit a request to join another league. Requests may take up to 72 hours to take effect, but in the meantime, you can continue logging miles and exploring the routes. Any progress made before the switch will not be lost.