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Unlock Nebraska Learning!

  • Northern Loop
  • Central Stretch*
  • Southern Jog*
  • Eastern Sprint

* Coming Soon


These Hills are Alive

Nebraska’s ecology is unique to the entire world. Learn more about the natural wonders found right here in our backyard.


Nebraska’s Food, Fiber, and Fuel Connection

Agriculture connects people. Farms and ranches are everywhere in our state. Explore the ways agriculture is a part of your life!


Big Cities, Small Towns & the Great Plains

Our state has a rich history full of diverse landscapes, cultures, traditions, food, languages, art, and more. Dive into what it means to be a Nebraskan.

Get Started


Once you’ve gathered a group of students to participate, simply create a profile on this site.

Exercise & Log

Students can do a variety of physical activities to count towards their collective progress on the trails.


Once your team reaches mile markers on the virtual trail, you’ll unlock a lesson and resources about the stop.


If other teams are participating at your school or in your area, you’ll be able to watch their progress in the manager portal.