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While walking is the foundational activity for Walk to Unlock Nebraska, students can do nearly any type of physical activity to count towards progress on the virtual trails. Integrate physical activity into your classroom with provided GoNoodle videos, collaborate with the physical education teacher, log active recess time, collaborate with a before/after school fitness program, map out a jogging route around the school…you get the idea! We can’t wait to hear about the creative ways your students moved their way across Nebraska.

If your team is more advanced, you can also encourage them to track and calculate their own miles individually. Have them use the formula: 2400 steps = 1 mile. Team managers will still have to enter the cumulative miles into the team dashboard and calculator, but this is a fun way to incorporate mathematics, and at-home physical activity.

Learn How to Log Miles

Logging worksheet download for 2022

You can share the following worksheet with your team so that they can log their own miles individually.  

Download Worksheet

Minutes to Miles

Walking is just one activity that can be logged to collect miles. Walk to Unlock Nebraska encourages and supports many forms of physical activity. Team managers (you!) are able to log miles using a built-in physical activity calculator right here in the manager portal. The conversion is done for you based on minutes and the activity entered. Tip: You can also ask your students to do the conversion themselves in a quick math exercise!

Below is a sample list of activities included in the calculator while logging miles.

Exercise/Activity Minutes Steps Miles
Walking 10 840 0.35
Bicycling 10 1700 0.71
Basketball 10 1450 0.60
Jumping Rope 10 2500 1.04
Recess + Playground Games 10 1360 0.57
Kickball 10 2120 0.88
Dancing 10 1090 .45
Yard Work 10 1200 0.50

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Walk to Unlock Nebraska uses a constant steps to miles ratio — 2400 steps is equal to 1 mile. This value is based on the average height of 5′ 3″ participant walking at a moderate speed.