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Southern Jog



The Grand Duke Alexis

Hayes Center, Nebraska; Hayes County

Grand Duke Alexis was The third son of Russian Tsar Alexander II. He toured the United States in 1871-72. It was a major event across the country. Grand Duke Alexis was welcomed by large crowds and newspaper reporters at each stop. The visit highlighted the positive relationship between Russia and the United States. He traveled across America, but Nebraska was a highlight of his trip.

He participated in “American” activities, like “hunting buffalo.” General Sheridan and Buffalo Bill Cody were part of the hunting party. Several bison were killed during the hunt. Alexis took the hides home as a souvenir. Chief Spotted Tail and members of the Brulé Lakota attended the hunt. They held an exhibition of shooting and traditional dance. 

Alexis and the others were successful in “hunting” several bison. The hunting trip took a great deal of resources and staff to run. More than a normal hunter would need. Within two years, the bison population dropped to less than 1,000. Pioneer ranchers moved into the area, and yen years later, hundreds of homesteaders moved into the area. The area became Hayes County in 1885.








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