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Liberty Cove Recreation Area

Lawrence, NE; Nuckolls County

Little Blue Natural Resources District (NRD) manages Liberty Cove Recreation Area, 37-acre spring fed lake 2.5 miles southwest of Lawrence, Nebraska. Built in 1991, Liberty Cove Dam controls runoff from 2,247 acres of Webster County and provides flood protection primarily to county bridges downstream.

The lake is an angler’s dream as the water quality is considered excellent due to the many springs that feed this small lake. The lake is stocked with bluegills, bass, catfish and northern pike. Liberty Cove is surrounded by hiking trails and an arboretum.

Many NRDs build and operate public recreation areas available to all who wish to view wildlife, fish and hunt, take nature walks, use bike trails or participate in other outdoor activities. NRD recreation facilities are built and operated to meet multipurpose needs – combining recreation with flood control, wildlife habitat enhancement, soil erosion and sediment control, to protect lives, property and the future.








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