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Reinke Irrigation

Deshler, Nebraska; Thayer County

Reinke Manufacturing Co. provides farmers tools that promote smart and effective water investments in crops. Over the years, many different irrigation techniques and methods have been developed to accommodate changing environments. Center Pivot Irrigation has become the most effective form or irrigation in a field.

To learn about the history of farming with irrigation, visit Nebraska studies.







Did You Know?

  • Over 70% of Earth is covered in water but only a small amount is freshwater.
  • Only 5% of all the water on Earth is freshwater
  • Only a small drop (3%) of the freshwater on the earth is accessible because the rest is trapped in groundwater, the atmosphere, glaciers and ice caps.10
  • Groundwater is the easiest to access, but that still leaves us with over 68% of our water supply that is salt water or un-accessible.


Engage with Reinke

Reinke Product Catalog

Learn why Reinke is unique and improving irrigation management. Reinke has created solutions to exceed expectations.

Reinke Company Profile

Reinke irrigation systems are located throughout the world. Learn about the Reinke history, firsts, and innovations.

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