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Classic Dairy

Jansen, Nebraska; Jefferson County

Nebraska dairy farmers have always kept sustainability as a priority and work to recycle water, adopt no till farming to protect the soil, use LED lightbulbs to conserve energy as well as other innovative practices.

It might surprise you to know that some dairy farms like Classic Dairy reuse water up to four times. Water is not just a refreshing drink for dairy cows, it is also used to cool milk, clean the barns, and grow feed.

On a farm, there’s no waste where waste is concerned. Manure is repurposed as compost on a field or converted to electricity to power a farm. At Classic Dairy, the manure is recycled and even used for their cow bedding!

DID YOU KNOW: U.S. dairy’s greenhouse gas emissions are less than 2% of the nation’s total. The U.S. dairy industry has committed to achieving greenhouse gas neutrality by 2050. By using science, technology, and innovation, they’re already well on their way.

NUTRITION FACT: Milk has 13 essential nutrients! Essential nutrients are compounds that the human body is unable to make and must be obtained from food or water. Check out the video below with Chef Monti to see what a nutrient looks like!








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