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JJC Jerseys

Beaver Crossing, Nebraska; Seward County

Dairy farms like JJC Jerseys work hard to take good care of their calves and cows and make sure they are healthy and comfortable.

JJC Jerseys uses sand bedding for their cows, making stalls comfy and cool. The sand in the stalls also helps keep the cows clean and healthy.

Other bedding options used for dairy cows are recycled paper, sawdust, wood shaving, straw, chopped corn husks or stalks, recycled manure solids, and even high-tech special cow mattresses!

DID YOU KNOW: Cows do not sleep standing up. In fact, they spend a long time resting, actually 12-14 HOURS A DAY. Sorry to break it to you … no such thing as cow tipping … cows sleep laying down!

FUN FACT: Farmer Jodi from JJC Jerseys is a host for the Adopt A Cow Program. To find out more, go to: Adopt a Cow – Discover Dairy

NUTRITION FACT: Dairy is one of the most affordable and accessible sources of high-quality protein and provides one of the four most critical nutrients that most American diets lack, calcium. Dairy foods offer a unique nutrient package that is hard to replace and is produced responsibly. To that, let’s raise a glass of delicious and nutritious milk!








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