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Southern Jog



Pelican Migration

Alma, Nebraska; Harlan County

Every spring thousands of birds migrate through Nebraska and between March 1 and April 15 is the best time to see Pelicans! Bird watching is something anyone can do and you don’t have to have binoculars. Pelicans are hard to miss their giant bodies and beaks are conspicuous on the water. In the air they change from black to white as they tilt from side to side while flying in groups often near large bodies of water.    

Located in Harlan County, immediately south of Republican City near the Kansas border on the Republican River. The Harlan County Reservoir area includes 17,750 acres while the reservoir contains 13,338 acres of surface water at full pool. Harlan Reservoir is the second largest lake in Nebraska and at normal water levels provides 75-miles of shoreline habitat. Unlike most Nebraska reservoirs, Harlan’s public land and recreational lands are administered by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers…

…This site offers a variety of habitats to explore with good access and opportunities for any type of birding be it by car, scope, or walking. Pheasant Ridge Walking Trail is paved trail from Methodist Cove to Alma City Park. The trail winds along the lake edge, through native prairies and dips down into forested drainages. No hunting is allowed in this area.

At the end of the North Outlet Park is the River’s Edge Nature Trail that winds through the forest below the dam. This trail offers opportunities to view a variety of woodland species. Don’t forget to wear orange on this trail during hunting season.” Birding Trails website








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