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Southern Jog



Eastern Deciduous Forest Habitat

Schubert, Nebraska; Richardson County

Located 8 miles northeast of Schubert, Nebraska, Indian Cave State Park is named for the large sandstone cave within the park. Indian Cave State Park encompasses 3,052 rugged acres bordering the mighty Missouri River. The park is well-known for its beautiful camping and picnicking spots, as well as for its 22 miles of scenic hiking and biking trails. The park boasts sweeping views of the wide, winding Missouri River and a majestic hardwood forest that puts on a spectacular show of colors each autumn. During the park’s annual Haunted Hollow in October, visitors can soak in the beauty of the season while partaking in hayrack rides, spooky campsite decorating contests, games, crafts and other family-friendly activities.

Indian Cave is the main geologic feature of the state park and bears prehistoric Native American petroglyphs of unknown date and origin. View them from the ADA-accessible boardwalk, with seating, information signs and an 8-foot-wide viewing deck that is just below the cave opening. Guests can also view the Missouri River from the boardwalk.








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