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Wildlife Safari Park

Ashland, Nebraska; Saunders County

Wildlife Safari Park is a non-profit conservation organization located on 440 acres outside of Ashland, Nebraska. The land features rolling prairies, low lying wooded
valleys, creeks, and wetlands.

The park is home to a diverse collection of North American animal species including bison, elk, grey wolves, and bears. Visitors drive four miles through the park and observe species in their natural habitats. Mid-way through, visitors can park and hike trails along streams to discover the flora and fauna found in Nebraska.

Also located on park premises are two conservation facilities that work with Zoo’s and World organizations to save two feline species that are currently on the critically endangered list: the African cheetah and the Amur tiger. Special tours are available to see these amazing animals.

The mission of Wildlife Safari Park is to promote live viewing, educational activities, and conservation programs surrounding native animals, and to enhance public appreciation for and actions on behalf of wildlife and wild places. This mission has developed a robust environmental education program that encourages and inspires wonder, appreciation, and awareness of the natural world through personal and unique experiences, which will encourage environmental stewardship.







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