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Willow Point Gallery & Museum

Ashland, Nebraska; Saunders County

Visit the Gallery and Museum that people are talking about. Willow Point Gallery has been mentioned in five national magazine articles and nominated for two outstanding awards in Nebraska.

Nationally known artist and late owner of Willow Point Gallery in Ashland, Nebraska, Gene Roncka, described his works as “capturing a moment in time that all of us have experienced, either in fact or fiction.” Soft muted colors and an ethereal quality to his works seem to epitomize what is best in his richly painted canvases. He painted more than most see, including the very “feelings” which bring emotion to his paintings.

View Roncka’s originals depicting the history of Nebraska and the important role that Ashland and the surrounding area played in the development of the West. The large oil painting, “The Crossing” depicting the pioneer’s migration of Salt Creek can be seen on exhibit in the gallery. Part of this historic collection is the 4×5 foot painting of “Ietan, Oto Chief” who ruled over the majestic Platte Valley over two hundred years ago.







Gene Roncka Biography

Gene Roncka spent his teenage years in Omaha, NE, and worked at the Glenn L. Martin plant, later Offutt Air Force Base, as a riveter. He graduated from Benson High School in 1945 and joined the marines. In 1985 Gene and his brother Richard formed their own art publishing company, Willow Point Limited, which has established a network of art galleries nationwide. Gene brought a gallery to Ashland near his home at Willow Point Lake. Roncka was elected for the first State Nebraska Habitat Stamp Competition. He was also commissioned for animal paintings for the documentary “Wild Kingdom,” and was a finalist for National Ducks Unlimited Artist of the Year and awarded Best of Show in Kansas and Oklahoma Ducks Unlimited.

Landscapes, wildlife and nostalgia are his favorite subjects.  When you arrive at Willow Point Gallery that becomes evident. 

Enjoy the photo gallery of Gene’s work. These images are available with permission from Mary Roncka, President, Willow Point Gallery. Images only available for viewing. No images may be copied or downloaded.  


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