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Tom Peterson Farms

Waverly, Nebraska; Lancaster County

Tom and Paula have been farming for over 36 years as 4th and 5th generation farmers just outside of Waverly, Nebraska. They run their farm with their two closest friends and currently have three generations working on their farm where they grow corn, soybeans, wheat, and alfalfa, and raise cattle.







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Reading Ideas

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Barn at Night by Michelle Houts

Read by Tom Peterson Farms owner: Paula Peterson


When you grow up on a farm, adventures happen all day long – even at night! Barn at Night follows a father and a daughter as they care for farm animals in two visits to the barn on a working farm – first, waking early to do the routine, daily work in the pre-dawn hours, and in a mid-night visit to the barn to help a horse who’s foaling. Written in lyrical poetry, the story shows how farmers feed and care for their animals even in the coldest weather, in both situations that are planned for – and for when animals need help even when humans should be sleeping. Barn at Night features cows, barn cats, horses, and other farm animal friends and their babies’ names, for fun vocabulary building for young readers – and it ends with the beautiful surprise arrival of a new foal.

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