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Robber’s Cave

While you are stopped, learn about: Marsh Wren Saline Wetland

Lincoln, Nebraska; Lancaster County

Yes! And in 2020, Robber’s Cave was named to the National Register of Historic Places.

For years, access has been denied to the infamous and notorious Robber’s Cave. Now, Lincoln, Nebraska’s, only underground attraction is no longer shrouded in mystery! You will enjoy discovering all aspects of the cave’s fascinating past in Joel Green’s book, ROBBER’S CAVE: Truths, Legends, Recollections.

Robber’s Cave is older than the city of Lincoln, and its tunnels are no longer sealed from the public. Take a field trip and enjoy Green’s tour of what he has always felt is a story that deserves to be told.








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While you are stopped, learn about: Marsh Wren Saline Wetland

Welcome to Marsh Wren Saline Wetland, where the Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership worked to restore one of the rarest wetlands on earth! Marsh Wren is located near the northern boundary of Lincoln, next to Little Salt Creek to the west and Salt Creek to the south. Historically, salty groundwater flowed to the surface forming crusty salt flats. These salty or saline soil conditions made it possible for unique salt tolerant plants and insects to survive. Different types of development over the years caused the saline conditions to decline, threatening the existence of the salt tolerant species that are only found in saline wetlands. LPSNRD acquired the land that makes up Marsh Wren and plans were set in motion to restore the wetlands to their original saline conditions. As part of the restoration plan, wells were drilled to pump saltwater to the surface and other hydrological renovations were completed. This allows us to control the saltwater on the landscape.


The saline conditions found at Marsh Wren Saline Wetland are favorable to salt tolerant species, including two endangered species, the federally listed Salt Creek tiger beetle and the Nebraska listed saltwort plant. Visit Marsh Wren today and you can see some of the salt tolerant plant species as well as the more common wetland visitors like migratory shore birds and other wildlife! Partners on Marsh Wren wetland include: the Lower Platte South NRD, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Lincoln Parks and Recreation, the Nebraska Environmental Trust, and the Saline Wetland Conservation Partnership.

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