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Lake Wanahoo

Wahoo, NE; Saunders County

Lake Wanahoo is the keystone of the Sand Creek Environmental Restoration Project and is located one mile north of Wahoo, Nebraska. The project area comprises 1,777 acres including a 662-acre lake.

The Sand Creek Environmental Restoration Project is a multifaceted project that provides environmental restoration, flood damage reduction, and recreation benefits in Saunders County. Environmental restoration is the primary benefit of the Sand Creek Project. A large wetlands area at the north end of Lake Wanahoo, along with wetland areas around the seven upstream structures, help mitigate wetland losses that have occurred over the years. The project creates new wildlife habitat, restores native grassland and hardwood forest areas, and improves water quality in the watershed.

The renewed wildlife habitat has brought many animal species to the area including various birds. Bald eagles have nested at Lake Wanahoo since 2009, and it is not uncommon to see Snow Geese and Pelicans wading in the waters during migration.

The Lower Platte North Natural Resources District manages the Lake Wanahoo Recreation Area, which opened to the public in April 2012, offering fishing, camping, biking, picnicking, no-wake boating, disc golf, and more.

The recreation area takes its name from Wanahoo Park, a popular recreation area that operated in the Wahoo area from the 1920s to the mid-1960s.

Lake Wanahoo is also home to the Clint Johannes Education Building, which is available to reserve for area schools and education programs. Interested in an in-person field trip? Contact the Lower Platte North NRD for more information.







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