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League play ideas

Competition can be a great motivator.

Convert your league results into a friendly competition of classes, clubs, or families.

One of the most exciting things about Walk to Unlock Nebraska is the opportunity to have a friendly competition with other teams. This site is scalable, so leagues can grow to include many classes within schools, or even with neighboring schools!

Get started by starting your league. If you were the first to sign up on this website, you were automatically made the league manager. Invite team managers to join your league below:

Invite Managers

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Unlock the Fun

Here are some ideas to add even more fun into your virtual journey across Nebraska:

  • Involve different teachers and lessons along your route. Get a math teacher involved to show how to calculate minutes to miles without using the dashboard’s calculator. Invite your art teacher to create some Nebraska-themed art. Be sure to get your physical education teacher involved to think of creative ways to exercise your way across the state.
  • Encourage students to share their stories of visiting the physical sites highlighted along the virtual route, if they mention their experiences.
  • Use the extra partner resources to further enhance the journey. You’ll find book recommendations, recipes and more!
  • Offer prizes to your teams as they complete the journey, like Most Creative Exercise, Most Individual Miles and of course, First Place, Second Place and so on.
  • Tell us your ideas! What extra things have you done to make this a unique experience for your students?