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Stuhr Museum

while you are stopped, learn about: the Nebraska State Fair & Raising Nebraska

Grand Island, Nebraska; Hall County

Stuhr Museum is a unique historical and cultural museum located on 200+ acres in Grand Island, NE. Immersive, hands-on experiences provide visitors an opportunity to learn about the history of Nebraska’s Platte River Valley area in exciting ways. The Leo B. Stuhr Building features not only its world-class architecture but also art and artifacts impactful to this area.  The 1840’s Pawnee Earth Lodge seeks to educate people about the history and ways of life of the Pawnee Nation. Our 1890’s Railroad Town embodies the era with interpreters who are dressed in period clothing, doing period activities, or running shops in town. Learn about past technologies in the STEAM Learning Center and enjoy the serenity of Nebraska’s nature in our Arbor.








While you are stopped, learn about: The Nebraska State Fair & Raising Nebraska

Located inside the Nebraska Building at the Nebraska State Fairgrounds, Raising Nebraska is an international award-winning 25,000 square-foot experience about your food and the families who grow it. Discover more about food production and Nebraska agriculture!  You’ll also learn more about groundwater – Nebraska’s main source of drinking water and primary economic resource. Farmers depend on groundwater for irrigation, which enables communities in central Nebraska to have a strong economy rooted in agriculture. One can learn about:

  • Where your food comes from and how it is grown
  • The science and technology of agriculture
  • Answers about farming and ranching
  • Careers in Nebraska’s #1 industry

Raising Nebraska Features:

  • 50’ Walkable map of Nebraska showing elevation statewide
  • Time-lapse videos showing changes over time of the Platte River
  • Huge indoor interactive pivot & combine tractor cab
  • Agri-House featuring Nebraska products
  • Raising Nebraska Outdoors area with actual crops, plants, trees & grasses grown in Nebraska

Outdoor Learning Area

Located just outside of Raising Nebraska, is the Outdoor Learning Area on the Nebraska State Fairgrounds, which is a stimulating site for play, learning, and environmental education– particularly water education.

The Outdoor Learning Area allows educators and students a leisurely place to enjoy nature while learning about water conservation practices such as a rain garden, bioswale, drought-tolerant trees and plants, and a rain barrel located on the large gazebo. Educational signage explains butterfly migration, pollinators, and native trees, plants and grasses. Other features include a life-size eagle’s nest, wildlife track stepping stones, buffalo grass, a kids’ tunnel, a teepee covered with foliage, and a bee hotel. The Outdoor Learning Area is accessible year-round to the public – no RSVPs are necessary.


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