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Northern Loop



Merritt Reservoir

International Dark Sky Sanctuary Applicant

Valentine, NE; Cherry County

**Entered back into Central Time Zone**

Over the last three years, Merritt Reservoir State Recreation Area has undergone a rigorous process to demonstrate the outstanding quality of its night skies and show its commitment to dark sky preservation in pursuit of an International Dark Sky Park certification. This included completing a series of dark sky surveys to measure the impact of light pollution, the implementation of a lighting management plan, installation of dark sky friendly light fixtures throughout the park, and the addition of educational programming focusing on the threat of light pollution to dark skies as a natural resource. All of which will help to keep Merritt’s nightscape pristine and protected for public enjoyment for years to come! So, whether your next visit to Merritt is to hunt, fish or camp – don’t forget that “half the park is after dark!” Turn off the lights, look up and be dazzled!







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