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Walk 2 Unlock Nebraska has made some upgrades!

W2UN Updates

We heard you and are making some upgrades!

We heard you and are making some upgrades!

  1. Submit Miles – We are taking the load off the team leader, while still providing them with control! Team members now have the opportunity to submit miles to your team.  The team leader will approve or denied each submission. We see this new feature being beneficial for students to log miles they completed outside of class or for teams of adults.
  2. Filter Categories – When registering to “travel’ a trail, you my now select which categories you want to appear on your trail. Default will select all categories; History, Nature, Agriculture. However, if you are only interested in one category, you may now select to only stop at those checkpoints!
  3. Progress Bar  – A trail progress bar has been added to the team progress page as well as the dashboard!
  4. Mile Accumulation – What happens if you overshot the miles, but don’t won’t to end the trail yet as you are still engaging in the learning content? No worries, participants can get new goals and continue log miles without capping you off. But don’t stay too long, there are three other trails ready to explore! Do take note, we encourage teams of 10 participants or less to help minimize this situation.
  5. Leagues – Do you want to participate on various leagues? Maybe one for employee wellness and one for your neighborhood or classroom? You got it!

Detailed Directions:

#1 Submit Miles

  1. Share the team progress URL with your teammates
  2. Team members will click the green log miles button on the top right
  3. Team members will fill out the activity screen using our activity calculator or entering their miles and click the red log miles button
  4. Team Manager/Leader will get a notification through your email and on your dashboard that you have a pending activity request
  5. Team Manager/Leader will accept or deny that request.

#2 Filter Categories

  1. When creating a team, chose which categories you want to appear on your trail.
  2. Need to edit your preference, no problem! Go into the team edit button and adjust.