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Switzer Ranch

While you are stopped, learn about: Calamus State Rec Area

Burwell, Nebraska; Garfield County

Across the journey of raising beef, one thing remains the same – the beef community’s shared commitment to raising cattle in a way that protects the environment. Switzer Ranch grazes cattle in the Sandhills. They practice conservation to protect the land and environment.








While you are stopped, learn about: Calamus State Recreation Area

Located in Nebraska’s beautiful sandhills, Calamus State Recreation Area is among the most popular places for camping, fishing, boating, picnicking and hiking in the state. Features of the area include a 5,123-acre lake and surrounding 4,958 acres of gently rolling land, covered with native grasses and forbs. Some 1.2 miles of the Calamus River and 3.5 miles of other streams meander through the area, making it an important wetland habitat area for many different animals and plants in Nebraska.

Calamus Reservoir on Labor Day weekend. Family fishing. Sunset. Wade and Bea Preston and four sons: Corban, Solomon, Perry, and David of Kearney. Bea and sons blowing bubbles, Wade and son fishing. Farrar, Sept. 5, 2010. Copyright NEBRASKAland Magazine, Nebraska Game and Parks Commission.



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