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North Platte Fish Hatchery

While you are stopped, learn about: Buffalo Bill Ranch Historical State Park

North Platte, Nebraska; Lincoln County

The North Platte Hatchery produces a variety of coolwater and warmwater fish species including regular production of walleye, white bass, blue catfish and channel catfish. On demand, the hatchery also produces yellow perch, black and white crappie, blue catfish, wiper, striped bass, bluegill, muskellunge, tiger muskie, smallmouth bass, grass carp, northern pike and largemouth bass. North Platte hatchery staff also makes annual collections of walleye and white bass eggs and milt from regional water bodies.

The North Platte Hatchery is open to the public and tours may be scheduled during normal working hours. Hatchery information is on display at the hatch house. Contact the hatchery in advance to schedule a tour.








While you are stopped, learn about: Buffalo Bill Ranch Historical State Park

William F. “Buffalo Bill” Cody arrived in Nebraska in 1869 as a cavalry scout, and later became a successful showman. Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show combined theater, circus, and rodeo, and toured around the world. Buffalo Bill played a big role in shaping the idea of the American West in movies, tv, and other entertainment. 

With the success of his show, Buffalo Bill  had a house built at Scout’s Rest Ranch near North Platte in 1886, where he lived with his family between tours of his WIld West Show. The ranch was a working ranch where he raised cattle and stallions. The Buffalo Bill Ranch State Historical Park was opened to the public in 1964 after Cody sold the ranch in 1911.

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