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Greener Gardens Greenhouse

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Scottsbluff, Nebraska; Scotts Bluff County

The Greener Gardens Greenhouse, part of the North Platte Natural Resources District (NRD), is an outdoor educational facility featuring a geothermal greenhouse, a learning/classroom area, and various plantings. The geothermal greenhouse was chosen for its water and energy efficiency, aligning with the North Platte NRD’s conservation teaching goals. The facility also includes a solar array to meet electricity needs. The greenhouse offers educational opportunities for students, volunteers, and the community to learn about planting, care, and alternative farming techniques.

The Greenhouse was built in 2018 through community funding and grants and cultivates a wide range of plants, including citrus fruits, tropical fruits, and various vegetables. The produce is weighed to determine its value and donated to organizations such as Community Action Partnership of Western Nebraska for distribution. Additionally, plants are donated to schools and local community projects. The native grass area serves as a valuable resource for plant science education and offers various grass and tree species for community members to enhance their properties. The project has received tremendous support from the local community, showcasing their confidence, generosity, and volunteering spirit. The three main goals of the project are to provide educational resources for all ages, donate fresh fruits and vegetables, and encourage alternative growing methods and crops while supporting greenhouse growers.

Interested in visiting the Greenhouse in person? Contact Kirstee Moore-Schutte at 308.562.2189 or








Featured People

KM Weiland

K.M. Weiland lives in make-believe worlds, talks to imaginary friends, and survives primarily on chocolate truffles and espresso. She is the award-winning and internationally published author of acclaimed writing guides, as well as the gaslamp fantasy Wayfarer, the historical/dieselpunk adventure Stormingthe portal fantasy Dreamlanderand the medieval epic Behold the Dawn. When she’s not making things up, she’s busy mentoring other authors on her award-winning website Helping Writers Become Authors. She makes her home in western Nebraska.

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